Corte Plus Ferro

Guaranteed composition w/w
Iron (Fe)7%
Free amino-acids2%
Complex agentlignosulfonic acids


Iron Deficiency Corrector

Agricultural Effects

CORTE PLUS FERRO is a corrector for iron chlorosis which is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution based on iron mixed with lignosulphates and  also contains organic material and free amino acids. The use of this product prevents and corrects signs of lack of iron with regard to citrus fruit trees, stone and seed bearing fruit trees, Horticultural products, vines, vine arbours, hazel nut trees, strawberry beds, olive tree, plants, as well as any other affected crop. The contribution of iron is essential to the biochemical processes of oxidation reduction and the photosynthesis of chlorophyll in cell respiration. It is also essential with regard to the metabolism of carbohydrates, in nitrogen reduction and it also plays a vital part with respect to numerous essential enzymes.

Dose and Applications

Foliar application:

  • Horticultural crops: 100-120 cm3/hl, several applications.
  • Citrus: 150-200 cm3/hl, 4-6 applications.
  • Fruit tree, olive tree, vineyard: 200-250 cm3/hl, 6-7 applications.
  • Strawberry: 100-120 cm3/hl, several applications.
  • Banana trees: 200-300 cm3/hl, several applications.


  • Horticultural crops: 2 L/ha .
  • Citrus: 1.5-2 L/ha .
  • Fruit tree and olive tree: 1-1.5 L/ha irrigation until to complet 15-20 L/ha in a year.
  • vineyard: 1-1.5 L/ha, 3-4 applications.
  • Strawberry: 2 L/ha .
  • Banana trees: 4-6 L/ha .


CORTE PLUS FERRO is compatible with most of the fertilizers and phytosanitary normally used. Do not mix with mineral oils and products with copper.
Maintain far from the reach of children.
Maintain far from foods, drinks and animal feed.

Store preferably between 5 and 35 0c.


1 l. , 5 l. , 20 l. and 230 l. containers



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