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EXEL 10% L.S.: 

EXEL 10% L.S. is a highly concentrated liquid nutrient consisting of humic and fulvic acids, combined with other organic components and enriched with 1% natural amino acids.

EXEL 10% L.S. is mainly applied as slow release organic fertilizer in vegetable crops. it is especially effective in poor soils with a low organic matter content.


As a slow-release fertilizer

As a soil conditioner:

  • The organic substances of EXEL-10 improve the texture of the soil.
  • The micro-organisms in  EXEL-10 stimulate the biological activities in the soil. Blocked elements now can be easily absorbed by the roots.

Due to the addition of Amino Acids, EXEL-10 has an immediate effect on the development of the roots.  EXEL-10 is especially applied during the gold season and in soils with a high accumulation of salts.


Sowing bed: 1 L. EXEL-10 dissolved in sufficient water per 100 M2

After transplating: 3 L. EXEL-10  per 1000 M2, 2-3 weekly applications.

During the culture: 2-5 L. per 1000 M2 through the drip irrigation system every day 1-2 weeks. 

Fruit bearing trees: 2-7 L. per 1000 M2 every 2-3 weeks through the drip irrigation system when leaf buds are opening and new foliage is developing.

Foliar application: 1 L. EXEL-10 per 1000 L. water.


  • The humic acids in EXEL-10 increase the water and nutrient retention of the soil, thus developing root growth and resistance of the roots against soil born diseases.
  • EXEL-10 multiplies the activity of the micro-organisms in the soil.
  • EXEL-10 improves the availability of blocked nutrients in the soil.

NOTE: seeds with a hard skin soaked in a solution of EXEL-10 will germinate better and faster.


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