Nitromol liquid fertilizer

Nutrient content
Nitrogen (N)
Molybdenum (Mo)


NitroMol liquid fertilizer

is a liquid fertilizer, colorless, without sodium and chlorine, and NitroMol is a true solution of the active substances that are recommended for basic fertilization (application in autumn before ploughing), for leafy fertilization and fertigation, in field cultivation and garden cultivation.

The presence of molybdenum is essential for nitrogen-availability; in its absence a portion of the nitrogen is lost, and not utilized by the plant. NitroMol contains molybdenum in optimum proportions for the utilization of nitrogen.

Recommended use of the product:

It is recommended to apply NitroMol in the cultivation of all field and horticultural crops in doses of 25-50 liters per hectare, after sprouting between rows, by single treatment or by divided treatments (the first treatment after sprouting following with the second two weeks later) incorporated to the soil. On the basis of the expert’s opinion, the application technology can be modified as necessary.

Apply the product simultaneously with sowing directly in the seed ditch with a pressing rod or with row crop cultivator or strip-till cultivator, in dose of 25 liters per hectare with the necessary amount of water of 35 liters. The cultivator should be set up in way that .

In case of applying the product by injection to soil the quantity necessary for the treatment may be reduced by 25-50%.

In case of irrigated fields apply the product in the vegetation period together with the irrigation water.

Use of NitroMol liquid fertilizer:

Instructions of use (The overall dose can be
applied at once or in several steps)



All agricultural and

horticultural products

25-50 liters per hectare


This product should not be mixed with high pH fertilizers.

Must be tested before mixing this product with other products.


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