2 %

Magnesium (Mg)

2 %

Zinc (Zn)

1 %

Copper (Cu)

4/7 %

Sulfur (SO3)



Special for Pistachio

SONAR MAX Micronutrients complexed with ligno-sulfonic acids in liquid formulation indicated to prevent deficiences in pistachio crops.

SONAR MAX has been developed for preventive and curative application on foliar spray or fertirrigation applications.

Its use is suggested as supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve quality.

Foliar application of SONAR MAX may be particularly beneficial during periods of peak nutrient demand, for crops grown on soils having poor nutrient  availability or to crops suffering from a weakened root system.


Actively growing plants with young leaves absorb foliarly applied SONAR MAX most efficiently. Immediate post-irrigation or post-rainfall application will enhance foliar uptake. Throught coverage and wetting are needed for optimum foliar spray results.

Application should be  separated at minimum of  7-14  days. Avoid  Foliar applications when plants are under moisture stress. AVOID foliar application to deciduous tree crops during bloom.Use up to 2 L of in a minimum of 200 L of water per hectare.

DOSE: 200-400 cc/100L water
Separate application: 7-14 days
Fertility Maintenance: 2-5L/Ha
Mild deficiencies: 4-9L/Ha
Serious deficiencies: 8-20L/Ha

Shake or swirl contents before using. Always add SONAR MAX to the spray tank before adding pesticides.Cautions:

  • SONAR MAXis compatible with insecticides and acaricides normally under use. In case of doubt, a previous test is advisable.
  • SONAR MAX is not recommended to be mixed with highly alkaline products.
  • Soil applications of SONAR MAX are recommended with nitrogen fertilizer solutions.


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